darktable windows insider program 7/25

Here’s the link to the latest snapshot of master, https://drive.google.com/file/d/11UyS-tC5pCXnHs_g3q2Oj6IvktfQH36n/view?usp=sharing

Highlights for this week

  • new blur module
  • import bug fixed
  • more translation files added
  • new module order for jpeg processing

See the full list at Pulse · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub


Thanks! Won’t be able to test though due to holidays :blush:

Thanks again!
I have not found a single problem so far in any of the builds during my regular testing, just in case anyone is wondering.

I have just installed it in order to see if it solves some export problems I have.

I have installed it above the previous week version (in other directory different from 3.6).

Should I delete the directory before?

I don’t uninstall previous 3.7 version in order to no unistall 3.6.

Same here …fingers crossed

If I install a new 3.7 build I just go right over the old one. If i install two versions say release (3.6) and master (3.7+###) then I keep them in separate directories and I specify the config folder by adding --configdir “path” to the short cut command line that runs each version so that I know where the config files are for each version and i keep them separate…

Thank you.
That is what I did: say no to uninstall previous version and install it over previous 3.7. It seems to work.

Export to tiff and jpeg seems to work now. AVIF seems to take for ever, I have to make more tests.

@wpferguson, thanks again for doing this. I wonder if in addition to providing the latest development build if it might make sense for users to discuss potential Windows specific issues on these threads. I’ve come across a couple just recently and it would be helpful to engage other Windows users in validating and troubleshooting.

The better place for issues is https://github.com/darktable-org/issues. That way the devs see them. Right now windows specific issues get tagged with scope: windows support which also makes them easy to find and track.

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Yes, that is the place to report problems found.

But I think that it is better to previously comment them here to see if they are really bugs and issues that occur to other windows users and not a bad configuration or specific problem of the computer.

At least that was my thinking when commenting problems I found.

Once you are confident it is a real bug, you can report them in github in order to not overhelm developers with problems that are not bugs at the end.

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I agree, sound it out here before bombarding developers…

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Most definitely for reporting issues, but given that there aren’t many Windows testers, would the thread be a good place to solicit help to verify the existence or circumstances of a Windows specific problem?

@ariznaf and @spidermonkey that’s what what I was thinking. But at that point it may not be clear if an issue is systemic or platform specific, so it might make sense to check the pulse to the general group prior to submitting to GitHub

OTOH it makes sense to use an existing Windows test thread to ask other users to investigate the existence or verify the correction of a platform specific issue.

Power in numbers…

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I have been made more tests.

It seems that with this version I have no problems exporting in jpeg or tiff (at least I could export some photos with no problem).

But when I use AVIF 12 bits it takes almost forever, more than ten minutes.

I was about to kill the process, but as I was writing this the process has ended.
So it was not hung but took more than ten minutes to finish.

When I try to visualize the creted file (11 MB with 12 bits 93% lossless compression for a 6000x4000 raw) I cannot see it in Photos under windows 10 (I have installed AV1 codec and other avifs are visualized OK).
May be it is a limitation of the codec in windows that does not support 12 bit or the kind of compression, I don’t know.

AVIF is new, while the jpeg and tif libraries have enjoyed and benefited from 20+ years of development time :slight_smile: