darktable windows insider program 8/1

Here’s the link to the weekly snapshot of darktable 3.7, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yI_jUpv_DL0alGKUIai7nUOtJ5tVrUTc/view?usp=sharing. This week was mostly just bug fixing, code cleanup, and optimization.


I noticed strange behavior:

  • it works ok when executed with the custom directory (new darktablerc)
  • when i use darktablerc from my default path, the “details threshold” slider is not changing the mask (all is selected) e.g. in colorbalance rgb until i zoom 2 steps in then it works, when i zoom back to full the mask is again full image

I’ll probably just use the new darktablerc and reconfigure.
Old: darktablerc.txt (38.4 KB)

I love the new darktable windows insider program ! Great work !

Using the Quicktag Lua script and trying to enter a name for a new tag, the tag name is not shown, it is hidden during entering the new tag name.

Is this intended? I tried both darktable windows and 3.7.0+601 no way to see my tag name during entering!

I raised an issue, Quicktag lua script doesn't show text when typing · Issue #353 · darktable-org/lua-scripts · GitHub.


Fixed, update your scripts :slight_smile: