darktable windows insider program 8/28

SDL2 was updated via this PR: https://github.com/msys2/MINGW-packages/pull/12793

Someone already started an issue in MSYS2: https://github.com/msys2/MINGW-packages/issues/12874

Thanks for all the info. Sounds like I’ll just wait a bit… I keep thinking of learning how to build it myself, but I’ve got too much on at present to concentrate on it. :grinning:

The nightly is running again.

Thanks for the update! I’ll try it when I get a chance :grinning:

Nothing changes on my surface 8 with iris Xe.
After installing, as soon as I run it it shuts down.
I would like this resolved before 4.0.1.
Does it happen to anyone else?

I dont have a Surface system, so I cant test your issues. I’m concern with multiple installs you have. Are you sharing the same .config file across all these? Maybe use .\config_test

Can you provide a -d all from the build from last night?

Yep, this could be an issue indeed, especially when mixing MINGW64 and UCRT64 binaries (DLLs).

.\bin\darktable --disable-opencl --configdir “.\config” -d all

darktable-log.txt (340,3 KB)

2.827333 [camera_control] loaded 4 port drivers.

Seems to stop after libgphoto2 init… What are your CAMLIBS and IOLIBS environment variables?

Before launching in the command window, try:

set CAMLIBS=C:\Fotografia\Darktable\DT_41-crash\lib\libgphoto2\2.5.30
set IOLIBS=C:\Fotografia\Darktable\DT_41-crash\lib\libgphoto2_port\0.12.1
.\bin\darktable --disable-opencl --configdir “.\config” -d all

Works with these instructions :+1:

darktable-log.txt (350,0 KB)

With multiple versions installed/present, these also need to point to the appropriate location for each different version.

Well, I know why it is. I will keep it in mind.
Thank you.

Bueno, pues ya se porqué es. Lo tendré en cuenta.

I knew there was an issue with the camera ports, but I forgot about these variables.

Arturo, since it is working, you could now try with OpenCL.

It works well for me.
I have changed these lines to true:


And this is the result:

(I put it in English so that it is understood).

All other installations also work, including the stable 4.0.0 on Appdata.

This is a bit late, but just wanted to let people know that the nightly build as of the 5th Sep is working well for me. Thanks for all the help :grinning: