darktable windows insider program 9/18

Here’s the link to the latest weekly snapshot of darktable 4.1 (a day late), https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mj0gREh3KqRH_5vJ0aURrpDM-QnafCg8/view?usp=sharing. The list of latest changes is at Pulse · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub


Forgive my ignorance: I assume this is a development version of DT 4 and is not backwards compatible with the release version 4 of DT for Windows? The release versions I have installed are numbered 4.0.1 for Linux and 4.0.0 for Windows; do they differ functionally and, if so, will there be an update to the Windows edition ?

The darktable site has the details about the different stable versions.

And yes, 4.1 is a development version, so basically no compatibility guarantees and always a risk of bugs. Stable vesions have an even mino version number (so last is 4.0.x, next will be 4.2.x)

4.0.1 is already released for Windows.

I actually expected as much but the version available at install | darktable tells me it is 4.0.0 when I install it. What have I not understood?

Correction: prior to 20 seconds ago, the last check of this URL earlier
today told me that it was version 4.0.0. Now I see that it 4.0.1. End of discussion.

Go to github and get the exe. We cover the same information in too many places and always forget to update it. I’ll probably nuke the link from the install page or just link it to the github page.

I haven’t used this version. But last weeks version seems very stable. I’ve been using it for all my processing (on a cloned database - be on the safe side :slightly_smiling_face:) for the last week, and haven’t had any real issues. Good stuff!

That sounds like very sound advice, which I followed, out of interest, at 11:13 London time, 21 September 22. The Windows version, under the ‘Latest Release’ heading, at GitHub - darktable-org/darktable: darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer, is 4.0.0


install | darktable or Releases · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

Hmmm, indeed.

Clicking that link takes you to Release darktable 4.0.1 released · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub, and the bottom of that page looks like:
Release darktable 4.0.1 released · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

The readme file, which is automatically displayed on GitHub, has not been updated, but 4.0.1 can be found on that page without too much effort.

Yes, clearly; my point in my previous post was that the labelling of ‘latest release’ was somewhat out of date; I had no issue in finding the 4.0.1 version.

Next time, please free to just directly help out the devs of your favorite OSS project by simply editing small oversights and mistakes, no git knowledge required: