darktable - Windows - modules missing?

(Vernon) #1

Just starting darktable (WINDOWS 10) for all the obvious reasons.

I can’t find some of the modules I need most - perspective correction, spot removal, haze removal, for example. There are a few other features I’ve seen mentioned that I also haven’t seen, but start me with these 3 and maybe that will get me on track.

The Corrections Group contains only Sharpen and Lens Correction, none of the other features that are described in that group.

Crop and Rotate in the Basic Group has only Flip, Angle, Keystone and Guides - none of the Perspective Correction tools that were announced.

None of these are under “More Modules”.

Please, and thanks.

(Mica) #2

How did you install darktable? All those modules should be there!


Most certainly check that you have version 2.4.4 installed.

(Bert Blockx) #4

Check if these modules are enabled in ‘more modules’ (bottom right in darkroom).

(Vernon) #5

PROBLEM SOLVED - though I don’t know how.

Thanks @paperdigits, @Jacal.
Yes, I downloaded and installed darktable-2.4.4-win64.exe and confirmed that that was the version installed.

Thanks Bert, also.
Yes, I checked “More Modules” multiple times and it contained only 10 modules beginning “Base Curve” and ending “Color Reconstruction” alphabetically AND COULD NOT BE SCROLLED - YESTERDAY.
Now TODAY the missing modules are NO LONGER MISSING, they are all in “More Modules” which is now scrollable.

Thanks you all, I’m good to go!