Darktable Windows nightly build

If that possible better not call it source code. It’s an expandable directory/folder.

I suggest you also add a *.bat file, or actually better, type a *.bat that people can adjust. Otherwise the dev version may damage the installed regular db.

Unless you are very careful it is best also to turn off the creation of sidecar files for your test version…this way you will not accidentally overwrite your edits with often no way to go back from a newer version…its just a safer way to go while you are playing around unless you can be sure to work only on backed up images…

Documented approach for testing here…https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/blob/master/README.md#testunstable-version

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Unfortunately you cannot change any of the links on the Github releases page. I use Github so I can host the releases for free, so I think it is a minor annoyance we have to accept.

I will include a BAT file to make a seperate config directory for the nightly builds. Hope to have some time for that later this week.

I didn’t describe my issue correctly. I have tried to download the two files listed, both called source code, but they just contain a Readme. The first build I downloaded had three assets, one of which was darktable-win-3.1.0+2336~g2a3aef537.zip, the other two were also called source code.

You are right, I just checked and something went wrong with the release. I’ve uploaded the file again. I am in the process of further automating the build process, so hopefully this will not happen anymore in the future.

I am only using it for new work. I did test importing a folder that was a duplicate of one that had an image and some edits. It changed every xmp. Don’t want to touch your older folders with it! Mica said that importing the folders into the new, stable version will work when the time comes, so I’m a happy camper.

Thank you

Generally but not always old version edits come in fine but once converted they can’t be used in your previous version if you need to go back so good you are cautious…

Hey @Quirijn, Did you delete the original repository?
I can see a new repository but it doesn’t have any releases and the old URL redirects to 404.

It should be fixed! I also made a new release.


Awesome. Thanks!

Unable to auto apply presets. Like my own camera profile and denoise for files where ISO >=1000.
Till now I was on a Mac and never had this problem but it is under repaire and have borrowed a windows machine and this problem is occuring.
Any solution?

Is it possible to take use the released version, whatever it might be, and using something like what is used here for this build, install it a second time so that you can run two instances of dt at the same time?

Yep! The builds provided don’t have an installer (just unzip and run). You’ll have to be careful about maintaining separate databases/configs for each darktable version though. I created a bat file with the following code to automate this:

start %~dp0bin\darktable.exe --configdir %~dp0config --cachedir %~dp0cache

This script is designed to be placed in the root of the darktable folder.