Darktable Windows nightly build

I just created a Windows build from the latest git master branch, using the build instructions found here.
I only tested my build on Windows 10. So far it is stable but I haven’t checked all features, such as LUA scripts, etc.

You can find the build here:

If people are interested I will update the build from time to time.


Hello @Quirijn

Thanks a lot!
I am testing your build on Windows 10 as well :slight_smile:

Thanks! Works great out of the box! :+1:

Thanx! For me building the nightlies never worked completely. And now I don’t have to boot into my Manjaro Installation to test :blush:

Is there any way running latest stable version and nightly side-by-side? I just want to test on some pictures and don’t want to use my „stable“library.

Is running with the —library Option enough?

This version has filmic v4? I just put it on my USB drive and haven’t had a closer look yet.

But first - THANK YOU for the zip folder version! I love zipped folders that you do not have to install.

Next I create a *.bat file and rename the darktable.exe (just as extra precaution)

start /d "G:\Camera\darktable\darktable310\bin" darktable310.exe --configdir G:\Camera\darktable\darktable310\userdata\config

More trying later… (I need to watch the filmic v4 video first)

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It includes filmic v4, as it uses all commits up until yesterday.

@sotsoguk, as st.raw pointed out using a bat file will make a separate configuration including a library. As an addition I also include the --cachedir argument to point to a seperate cache folder. This folder holds thumbnails etc, to faster browse through the lighttable.

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Thank you for the instructions. I have just been looking up the cli options in the manual (always think about the manual too late) but nice to have a complete solution :grinning:

Published a new release based on 3.1.0+2336~g2a3aef537

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Hello @Quirijn

Thanks a lot for your update: just installed on Windows 10 :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for doing this, @Quirijn!

If I install it as a separate application, how will the library it creates get combined with my original installation’s library when 3.2 is installed?

@Quirijn EDIT: I misunderstood. The bat file you create has the --cachedir in it. The bat file is used to start darktable each time?

EDIT 2: I have it running on my J drive with a .bat file created per the suggestions. All seems well. Am still wondering how the library will get integrated with 3.2. I can import the folders, but will it import xmps from duplicates?

@Quirijn Thank yew. Thank yew. Thank yew very much!

Another update based on 2374~gda0d15763

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I am not completely sure if I understand your second question. Could you please elaborate? When using a bat file you can make a library on any location you want. This should not conflict with your 3.0 install. The new library just uses the new xmp files to read changes, so I think they can be used next to each other. Hope this clarifies things a bit.

I’m thinking about later, when dt 3.2 comes out with filmic v4 in it. I expect that when I install it, it will replace my current, that is v3.0.2, installation on my C drive. Meanwhile, before then, I will be building up a library on my J drive where your dev version is located. I think I would want to combine that library with my original library when 3.2 is installed. My question is how to do that, and maybe that is something Aurelien or one of the other developers will have to answer.

Write xmp files for the Dev version, then import them when the next stable is released.

:+1: Thanks.

Another release:

I don’t know much about using GitHub, so I’m sorry if this is trivial, but all I see are downloads for source code, not an executable. What am I missing?

@Underexposed, it is a bit confusing but there is a zip file you can download. This does not contain source code, but the darktable build. If you download that you should be good :slight_smile: