Darktable wrong color



I made last night this photo and opened in darktable and the sky looked completely different than on the screen of the camera. So I exported the image in the camera to jpeg and opened this photo in gnome image viewer and opened the raw again in raw therapee, where it looks same as on the camera screen. What is the reason, the sky looks in darktable so different?

My camera: EOS 60D


There are three things that you need to consider.
1. Is your system and apps colour managed?
2. The JPEG from your camera has many proprietary edits baked into it. The raw doesn’t have any of that (for the most part). However, the raw is infinitely better because you have much more control over how it would turn out.
3. RT and dt’s (user) defaults are different, so they will look different from one another. You could of course attempt to make them open with a similar result…


Thank you afre for your reply.

  1. How can I check it?
  2. The Base curve has the settings for Canon EOS. What do I have to change to get similar results than I get with rawtherapee/ camera screen?

_MG_8611.CR2.xmp (3.5 KB)
_MG_8611.CR2 (20.2 MB)


It seems better to use the standard color matrix instead of the extended color matrix.
When I catch my photos in Adobe RGB and I use adobe RGB as color input profil, the image is much darker, why?


Taking your photos in adobe rgb or srgb does not affect the raw file, the raw file is independent of any colorspace. Taking the photos in adobe rgb only changes the jpgs of your camera.
In darktable, adobe rgb as color input profile is meant to be used while processing images that are already in adobe rgb color profile, for exemple jpgs that your camera exported in adobe rgb


Yes I forgot that thank you. Thank you.