database maintainence not working?

I wanted to move quite a few photos/videos to a dir structure based on dates, and AFAIK, digikam doesn’t have that ability so I used an external program (Rapid Photo Downloader). The problem now is that the database has a record of photos in the original location and i can’t seem to remove those records from the database? I tried to go to Tools > Maintenance > Perform Database Cleaning and running that, it seemed to run/complete ok, except it didnt as I have a bunch of thumbnails in albums for photos that no longer exist (in their original locations).

Did you scan for new items? If I make changes externally I need to do that in order for digiKam to recognize that. I don’t think that’s checked by default when you do database maintenance. On my version (7.9.0, I haven’t upgraded to 7.10 yet) there’s also a separate menu item to scan for new items under the Tools menu. (I actually have mine set to scan on startup, but that does make it load a little slower.)

Thanks, I can certainly do that. I have it set to scan on start-up as well but will try rescaning to find new items manually. Would scanning for new items remove orphaned items? My primary issue at the moment is the orphaned items and removing them from the database.
oh, am still running 7.9.0 as well.

I rarely get rid of entire folders (albums), so I was probably on an older version the last time I did that. The startup scan recognized the changes then, so I didn’t have to do it manually. It’s much more common for me delete or move a small set of images in one folder/album at a time. Then I just refresh the view (F5 or View > Refresh) to force digiKam to see the changes. Not very helpful in your case though. :frowning: