DATE-OBS disappears from FITS header using "split" command

I’ve just noticed, that using my old Siril scripts, the field DATE-OBS disappears from the FITS header and thus VaST print wrong data and time in it’s output files.

After tracing down my scripts it turned out, after using the command split the field DATA-OBS disappears from the fits header :open_mouth:

Las half year ago there was no such a bug, my old files.

Is there any way to solve this problem?


As split function divide the image by 4 and change the image (CFA become gray image), we do not copy the metadata.
But maybe we should do it for some of them.

Need to think about it.

In previous version of Siril, there was no such problem -> in the past the metadata were copied into the FITS files. I don’t see any reason why it was deleted :open_mouth:

Big code refactoring.

I was confusing with split_cfa, but the conclusion of “big refactoring” remains.

This is now fixed in master.

Thanx! I wonder when it will be avalilable in the Ubuntu 18.04 package…

Until then I need to look for a workaround.



You can download the appimage as soon as you want on our gitlab rep.