De-hazing process (idea of Sallyanne on GimpForum)

Recently I read a post on Gimp-Forum concerning the way for de-hazing a photo. I (lazy man) suggested to use one of the two G’mic filters already available. But Sallyanne (member of Gimp-Forum as well of GimpChat) presented a very effective sequence of 4 G’mic steps. Based of her idea I created a little filter in python. Maybe someone among the G’mic active authors could create a new G’mic de-hazing filter (BTW it’s a sequence of G’mic steps…), I attach here my python, just in case.
The sequence of G’mic filters to use is:
fx_LCE, fx_equalize_local_histograms, fx_mighty_details, -gcd_normalize_brightness
Sallyanne_Dehaze.7z (1.6 KB)


I rather think the inventor is here too - @sallyanne :smiley:

I know nothing about G’mic except how to apply filters, so I can’t make any relevant suggestions there!

Thanks again dinasset. :blush:
Every image is different so there is a need to change the amount of each filter as well as tweeking after.
By the way Steven - I am not a coder :wink:

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