Dealing With Multiple 'Frames' (Canon 1Ds "TIFF" Raw Images)

I’m relatively new to RawTherapee so I may have missed something obvious although I did try going through the documentation to find anything, but …

Well I’m looking back at some old raw images from when I used to use a Canon 1DS which saved raw images as .tif images. RT seems to recognise them and shows the very low-resolution thumbnail and says there are two frames within the TIFF but I can’t seem to find a way to move onto the next frame.

Is that possible? Or am I out of luck?

Can you provide a raw file?

Sure. Please don’t go to too much effort (I have alternatives) - I was really wondering if there was a command I was missing to flip between frames.

(In case it isn’t obvious, that broken image is a link to my website at

Where does it say that?

Here image

Oh, that’s a fallout from multiframe support for raw files. For tiff files RT always reads the first frame iirc.

It would eventually be kind of useful if it were to pick the biggest frame and/or there were a mechanism to navigate between them.