Debayer flat, bias and dark frames at conversion?

Hi, I’m completely new to SiriL, and any image processing beyond Photoshop Lightroom.
I thing I understand most of the process, but I stumble on the first step.
I see a recommendation that flat, dark and bias frames should not be debayered when converting from RAW (I use an EOS-60Da, so the RAW files are CR2).

However, when I convert this way, the FIT files only have one channel, supposedly red, and in the flat frames I can see the Bayer pattern clearly - also after stacking. Can these files even be used in processing colour images? (would be nice, since it would save (disk) space and time)

Convert the cr2s to fits without debayer. Make your master frames from these non-debayered images.
When you come to pre-process your light frames with your master stacks, check ‘Debayer before saving’ at the bottom of the pre-processing tab BEFORE hitting the ‘Start pre-processing’ button. (IMO, the buttons are in the wrong order: the last thing you should hit on pre-processing is the Start button, not have options after it!)

Thanks. I’ll try that. Just realised that the Bayer pattern means all colours are in the image.