Decompose filter doesn't work as expected for CMY

This is about the G’MIC plug-in for GIMP 2.10.x, tested on Windows 10 with GIMP 2.10.8 and G’MIC 2.4.5.

The Decompose filter doesn’t work as expected when the option “CMY” has been selected. Instead of C, M and Y channels, the preview shows R, G and B channels, and the output layers are also R, G and B. If one uses the GIMP version of decompose, it works as expected.

In other words, the decomposition is correct but the layers are named incorrectly? (That’s what it appears to be doing in the source code, and also how it works for me.)

@christoph_s is right. The labelling is incorrect.


However, the filter code looks correct. Maybe something changed in GIMP, making the labelling not transfer properly… @David_Tschumperle

Yes, I was referring to the labeling.

And it’s already incorrect in the G’MIC plugin itself, not just GIMP.

Same here. I downloaded the latest from and it works now.

Works here as well, even with the regular GIMP version. What I recognised was that an auto-update in the regular GIMP plug-in version delivered an error message, but once you click on the update button again, you’ll get the update.

In terms of usability it might be worth considering an automatic update notification, similar to, for instance, Firefox. This feature would simply tell G’MIC users that the plug-in has been updated and provides bugfixes, as well as new features. It would be up to the users to start the update process.

I have had this discussion before. To my knowledge, auto update occurs only at installation. However, from my experience, this doesn’t always happen either. As for the update button, it sometimes works and other times doesn’t. Might have to do with the server, the GIMP+G’MIC build or both; it is hard to tell. In any case, I rarely use the plugin (GUI). I use the CLI.