Deep Dreamed Tiger.

When you lose most inspiration to actually create and do the work, there’s always Deep Dream. lol

Was reluctant to post these here (already did elsewhere) but thought, why not spread some of my madness here as well. lol

Did add some GIMP/GMIC/Other touches to each of these results after I uprezed them (problem with Deep Dream Generator is that even at there high rez, it too low for me). :slight_smile:


Case 1: Tiger Deep Dreamed

Deep Dream output:

High Rez:

Case 2: Electrifying Dream

Deep Dream output:

High Rez:

Case 3: Coral Tiger

Deep Dream output:

High Rez:


Love how you keep coming up with these artistic interpretations. Not always my taste, but always interesting.

I really like the first one from this series. Second one is a bit to electric and less deep dream. But that’s just my taste/opinion.

Great work! That last one is the definition of trypophobia lol.

Like how the first one came out, too, Jacques. Again, I only enhance things a bit; this is all Deep Dream. :slight_smile:

Or creepy, Alpacalypse. lololol


I actually did several more with this tiger (not sharing) but then when this one came out, I really liked it. Meant to share here but forgot. Hope you all like it; though the others I really like to for the eclectic results achieved, this one is my personal favorite. :slight_smile: