Deleting text from layer in GIMP [solved]

Hi, I have a book cover which has a layer with text flipped vertically to create a book spine. Amazon KDP object to the spine as the pages of my book are less than 79. I’ve tried using the layer palette to highlight the layer and clicked on ‘delete layer’ but when I export as jpg the spine is still there. Grateful for any advice.

Hi @elbowpipe, and welcome!

Are you sure that Amazon objects to the spine?
You have to have a spine — but if the number of pages is
less than 79, you are not allowed to have any text on the spine.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Yes, sorry, I need to delete the text and I don’t know how.

So: how did you put the text there?
Using the text tool?
What happens if you make the spine layer active,
then select the text tool and double-click on the spine text?

Or simply: make the spine text layer invisible?

It’s a book cover I paid for. I could go back to the designer but that will take a while and I’m anxious to get my paperback in line with my eBook where the cover has already been implemented. I tried all of your suggestions. I was surprised that clicking on the ‘eye’ in the layer palette (the eye disappeared as expected) didn’t make the layer go away.

Actually, I am not sure that I understand fully…
If you would like me to have a personal look, please send me the Gimp file as a PM. Just click on my Avatar…

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I don’t seem to be able to PM you. Possibly because I only just joined?

What format is this book cover in? Is the background of the spine portion one solid color? (if so selecting the color and drawing over the text will cover it up. Deleting the layer, would work but you dont seem to have selected the actual layer with the text.

@elbowpipe PM sent…

On my phone just now. Back in an hour.