Demosaic with Superpixel

In Siril version 0.9.12 the Superpixel Demosaic option is present but in the new betas (0.99.1) it seems to be missing. Has this feature been removed? If so will it return?

I think it was a fast and artifact free demosaic option best suited to oversampled images. Would be a shame to lose it.

This method is really not an artifact free demosaic method. There is no interpolation but you can have some artifact due to the fact some information is missing.
Yes I believe that we have decided to remove it since for me the only use of this algorithm was for Ha images. But we have implemented the split_cfa algorithm.
Also this algorithm was not compatible with every Siril function (especially with SER sequence).

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Thanks for the feedback Mohamed. We have moved our demosaicing code to an external library, the same as rawtherapee. It is more complicated for us now to provide the super-pixel method, but not impossible. And as @lock042 says, it was possible to demosaic a sequence with it as a conversion step, but not to work with an on-the-fly demosaiced SER sequence because of the change of image size that made it more complicated than others to handle.

Another reason for which we didn’t feel like the trouble of reintroducing was required is that we plan to implement a bayer-drizzle algorithm, which will be the best possible way out there to handle demosaicing. We are not yet sure when exaclty we are going to do it however.


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