Demosaicing with Deep Image Prior


(Irving Medina) #1


I just saw an article at DPR about Deep Image Prior and I was wondering, wouldn’t it be possible to use it for reconstructing the missing sensor values in a RAW (X-Trans or not) file?

Here is the said GitHub page.

(Luis Sanz Rodríguez) #2

Personally I would love to see an open source raw developer based on the technology. The results are outstanding not just for demosaicing, but for denoising, inpainting, deblurring, super-resolution and many other applications. There is a very significant gap in terms of image quality between these methods vs the usual single-image based approaches.

However the computational resources needed are so high it makes them impractical for an everyday use. It can take up to several hours -days for some algorithms- to process a single image.


Has anyone given this a try? I don’t think I would have the time.


I have started my master project on this topic. I am reimplementing the paper and try to add demosaicing feature through Deep image prior. I Will update after getting the result.


Hello, Finally I am done with my project. I would like to mention that demosaicing with deep image prior gives quite good results but not better than state-of-art methods. Even the computation time is long for big images.


Congrats on your project, @SaffronBrave!
Feel free to post up a link to your work, it sounds interesting.