Denoise (profile) problem

I recently opened-up some material from a while back and was horrified to find many of the thumbnails were ‘black’. After a while I found the cause to be caused by the profiled (denoise) module. When that module was taken out of the pipeline the image came back to correctly display.
I am using the daily git Linux version so I must assume that something has changed over time that is causing the problem. I use the same camera now as then … I have no idea what changed.
I have solved the problem, the hard way, by creating a style that simply removes the module … but it is a nuisance and the problem does not show-up on more recent uses of denoise. I am having to rework many many hundreds of images. I have attached one of the problem images along with the sidecar for investigation.
20181018_0039.RAF (48.3 MB) 20181018_0039.RAF.xmp (10.0 KB)

No problem here with darktable 3.4 under linux.

Just tried your posted image+sidecar and don’t have any issues concerning denoise (profiled). Tried in both 3.4.1 and 3.5.0+1107~g41fb69cb2 on Linux.

As a side note: The 3.4.1 version throws a demosaic and channelmixerrgb version mismatch error, but loads without any mishaps.

Is this the original sidecar or one that has been pulled in the latest daily git version (which version is it) or … ? I’m asking because channelmixerrgb is the old name of the current color calibration module. It is, however not a module that was available for long or available back-when.

If you have been using a development version to edit your RAWs then this might be the underlying issue. Assuming you did use a development version: It is called development for a reason, and to quote the darktable webpage:

Using the development version of darktable might be risky in that it can break anytime, kill your edits, eat your kittens or do other nasty things.