Denoise (Profiled) - Unsupported Camera

I use Canon Rebel T7/1500D/2000D but that does not have profile in Denoise module. I also cannot use Denoise Bilateral Filter as it produces strange black lines artifact in DT 3.2.1 for me. Any suggestions on how to use this module for this camera? Thank you.

I would try the “denoise (non-local means)” module. The “contrast equalizer” also has some denoising presets.

If profiled denoise is not present for your camera, it is really easy to create your own profiles.

Like this:

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@paperdigits @Matt_Maguire Thank you for the suggestions. I do understand that there are ways to do this but I dont think I have the resources to do this.

I was wondering if the git versions may have these profiles? Or if I can use another camera profile like Rebel T6?

You have the camera and you have darktable… What other resources do you need?