Derelicts and dark sky cooperating

On this morning’s walk about the sky decided to cooperate for a nice backdrop on these abandoned local buildings.
I always enjoy shooting here because the weather tends to determine what I’m looking at.
There’s a handful of other pictures I liked, but I think this one will be fun to see what others come up with.

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A simple edit trying to put emphasis into the nice stormy sky.
P1100336.RW2.xmp (20.7 KB)


I wanted it broody.

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Gave it a shot, not quite what I was aiming for…but I think it’s close to what I envisioned for an edit.
I would like to define the cloud form a bit more, but that’s still a bit beyond my current abilities.
I am starting to tone down on the saturation levels of my edits, but high contrast colours still seem to be where I want my pictures to be.
This is all done with the scene referred workflow, emphasis again on the tone and contrast equalizer, with an attempt at using the Diffuse and Sharpen module. DT 4.4.2

P1100336.RW2.arp (12.2 KB)

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I’m not going to play, I’m afraid. Instead I am going to add some pictures of my own:

These were taken in the ruins of Tullich kirk. The kirk went out of use when the town of Ballater became a tourist destination in the 19th century, and has since fallen into disrepair.

This is typical of many rural hamlets in Scotland, an elderly population, with little in the way of replacement. Children moving away to go to college, and never coming back, miles to facilities such as shops, schools or health centres. One has to wonder at the viability of such places.

So, forgive me, one knows why this particular hamlet is in decline. Why were the buildings in your pictures abandoned?

EDIT: If I was to post one of these as a “play raw”, it would be the recumbant gravestone, I haven’t managed to allow the inscription to be read.

Your Lenshood makes me somehow nervous … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P1100336.RW2.xmp (23,8 KB)


I asked myself what am I looking at? I decided it would be the buildings in the foreground, sun behind me to brighten up the buildings and a bit of the tree, and darken the sky. So here it is.

Did you take the photo from inside a car? As Popanz suggested, the lenshood is awesome, to say the least.

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P1100336_02.RW2.xmp (23,6 KB)

and a coloured version as well:

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My lenshood (or lens barrel, it’s a bridge camera) has always been kind of warped. I think the it has a slight defect to it. At least that’s what I tell myself.
I compensate by pulling out a tad wider than I’d like, and then fix it in post editing.

These buildings were originally set up as a sanitarium originally, and then transitioned to being an institution for the mentally ill (as deemed by the jurisdiction of the time).
Eventually the costs were seen to be exorbitant to operate, so it was closed.
The property has been sitting in disrepair, and then development limbo since some time in the 70’s I believe.

My version…

P1100336.RW2.xmp (20.6 KB)