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Before I make more of a nuisance with the developers will somebody else run/export this image both to email as well as to file. My system only has 8 Gb. memory and this could be the total problem. When 2 files are exported together my dt simply shuts down but it can handle (with bad results) a single file where I have used the details slider as a part of the process.
So here are all the pieces.

20210506_0015.RAF.xmp (16.8 KB) 20210506_0015.RAF (48.3 MB)
This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.
My system: Manjaro/Arch/XFCE/daily-git/8Gb. Mem.

Loading your RAW, applying your sidecar and exporting it straight to file:

I’m not able to use the e-mail functionality. My test darktable runs as a different, dedicated user from a terminal and does not have an e-mail client set up. The darktable for my private/normal work cannot read your xmp (too new). Someone else needs to step up to test that for you.

My system:

  • Debian (10.9/Buster)
  • Xfce 4.12
  • darktable 3.5.0 (latest master)
  • 32 Gb

It looks as if my memory is at the root of the problem … better look for an upgrade … thanks

Could it have something to do with parallel processing skipping a beat (i.e., a bug)? I would assume that lower RAM would mean slower operations rather than missing or messed up data.

I tend to agree with afre on this one.

@davidvj : Have you changed or tried changing the default settings in the cpu / gpu / memory tab? There’s this page in the docs about memory: Special Topics - Memory.

You might also have a look at the amd/ati devices section and the performance optimization chapter following it.

I did try to do some tuning back when and did notice that there are configurations that darktable, or the combo dt’s config and available system resources, doesn’t like.

Then again 8Gb isn’t all that much, I do assume that some of that is consumed by other processes…

Hi, you wrote “latest master”, you should try with master later than 05.11 as the fix for details mask using tiling has been included then.

If there is still an issue, please report and (again :slight_smile: open an issue at github, your first immediately gave me an idea what could be wrong. If you do, please send the log from “darktable -d all”. It could also help to test as “darktable --disable-opencl” to check your opencl library/system.

I’m assuming you are directing that at me, although I’m not the one having this issue…

I pull and build on a daily base, oftentimes more than once a day, latest does mean the (all but) latest. So yesterday’s “latest master” would be 3.5.0+21XY~84db02b6f or thereabouts. I also have locally merged stuff from PRs that aren’t merged into master yet so the exact/correct 21XY I cannot give you.

No, in fact i was asking @davidvj as he has the issue :slight_smile:

OK :smile:

You put me on the wrong track (my latest master vs his daily-git).

Just a note for people stumbling into this thread later, issue has been fixed.