Dev build supporting compressed Fuji raf files

Where would I find the latest Dev build for 64bit Win 10 that supports compressed raf files from Fuji bodies including the GFX. Thanks for the help-

@gaaned92 usually posts his windows builds here, but I don’t recall seeing a dev build that supported compressed Fuji files.

@Peter_Foiles I regularly upload nightly WIN64 builds at
Download the latest dev build.
You have to verify if it supports raf files.

The topic containing the link download-rawtherapee-development-builds to this google drive is buried in the depths of the forum.
Nevertheless it is accessible through the first pinned post Welcome to the RawTherapee forum - read this first

So the best is to record the direct link to the google drive for future downloads.

Please wait a few minutes as I am building an up to date dev build.

Thank you, it does seem to support compressed GFX raf files.