Download RawTherapee development builds

This is the central place where you can download the latest development builds of RawTherapee. They are provided by trusted members of the community.

These builds are not for everyday use, they are only for people who are willing to test the latest changes and file bug reports if issues arise. Use them, test them, and if you find a problem please let us know about it in a new topic - describe the nature of the problem, include the version of the build you’re using (in RawTherapee click Preferences > About > Version and paste all that into your new topic), include your system details (operating system version, RAM) and provide a sample raw file with which you experience the problem along with a screenshot of the problem.

If you need to delete your config or cache, RawPedia explains where to find them in the File Paths article.




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RT is running slow on my new iMac
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