Devil's bug (libellula)

Photoflow > GIMP > mostly GMIC /// let’s memory check: hard brushed DR increase, loco dance w Richard&Lucy, tonal contrast inc wrapped in aluminium foil, spit of retinex (somewhere between 11 and 15%), Fuji … Astia I believe with rotated hues and normalised bat dreams, grain spliced in luma and chroma them coal steamed, some grain extract and multiplying layering along the way, blur mask for mouse’s vignette, decreased saturation for several minutes, ephemeral regret for not having tapped highlights early on, massage all fucking dead pixels, ups I said “pixels”, pixls… basically slow-cooking fun with amazing GMIC filters and layers’ blend modes. Thank you to developers =)
A good day to y’all


Nice shot but a bit grainy for my taste. And the twig on the right is a bit too eye-catching.

Loving the composition otherwise.

I thought the twig on the right provided a nice balance.

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Very nice composition! The dragonfly is nicely between the 1st and 2nd third of the image, and the OOF background adds a lot of dynamism.

I agree with Ofnuts on this point:

I’d suggest to try a bit of non-local means denoising, with a small “luma” strenght and an high “chroma” strength. This will remove the chroma noise and still leave a nice a natural “grain”

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I’m a hopeless grainaholic. About the twig, I’m gonna leave it in the picture (so that @paperdigits is taken in account) but I´m gonna go to the pond and cut it… for next photo. Thanks mate

Hey mr don doctor pin-pinguin raw master!!! Glad you like it. That is not noise (in the strict term), that is added simulated grain, you know 'cause I have this flightiness that it has to feel chaotic and anisotropic and stereoscopic and keep an entropic hairdo on a windy day. Jokes aside, there might be some semi-serious reasoning behind those choices, like final size (not the one showed here), print, etc.
But most importantly is your presence and advice which I thank you heart-fully =)

The twig is no more… but I’ll bet my dog’s balls that would be almost impossible for the devil’s dragonfly, this clown and his camera to concur in the same spot… I wonder if that’s why we started erasing stuff in post, instead of learning how to live with it, to improve. Sorry fellas this soup was a bit too green and I’m rambling. Saturday night!!!