Did Darktable automatically apply orientation, sharpen, basecurve?


I was looking through my photos in darktable and think “dude… my photography skill damn great” and then I look in history, I was lied, darktable fix it for me. Is that the case?

(Mica) #2

By default in darktable, you get the base curve, sharpen, and orientation applied. This is a pretty minimal set of modules to apply, in my opinion.

You can change which modules are auto-applied in the settings.

Removing the auto-application of the base curve will make your image look flat upon opening it.

(darix) #3

That is the minimal set of modules you want.

(Martin Scharnke) #4

You can change which modules are auto-applied in the settings.

I’ve been wondering how to do that. Can you elaborate? Where precisely? Is it a default syle, because I can’t find such a one.
Nor can I find anything in the preferences tabs.
I’m running darktable 2.4.4 on Ubuntu 18.04

(Mica) #5

See Auto Apply Preset to Matching Images

(Martin Scharnke) #6

Thanks for this!
I feel a bit lke Homr Simpson: d’oh!

Yet, in my defence, the “preferences” box defaults to only half the width of the “presets” section - unless you scroll it to the right, you’ll never see the header of the column marked “auto.”


The orientation you see there is only needed to properly show landscape and portrait mode oriented pictures. it’s not doing any fine tuning to straighten the horizon or anything like that. So you may keep beeing proud of your photography skills. :smiley: