Did I miss a notification?

(Neil Pho) #1

Today I got a browser desktop notification, perhaps in response to a recent post of mine. On the website, I think there was a (1) badge on my avatar. But, there seems to be no new event. A known problem? Or am I getting old.

(Pat David) #2

The notifications should be working just fine. The (1) badge usually indicates some sort of notification on the site (either a like, response, mention, etc…). If you click on your avatar you should see a list of the most recent notifications (along with type). Does it work?

(Pat David) #3

For instance, you should see a notification that you were both replied to, and @neilpho mentioned…

(Neil Pho) #4

In the list I do see replies, but not mentions. In this case I remember seeing a reply to my post in the alert, but I am no longer certain of my memory.