Different colours of images in different file types

I exported an image to different output file types and noticed, there is a difference in the colours.
To display this, I opened them again in RT to be sure, that there is no impact from different software.

On the left side is the processed image.
In the middle is the export to 16-bit float and 32-bit float tiff.
On the right side 16-bit tif, 16-bit png and jpg.

The largest difference is obviously on the right side, but if you look precisely, you can see some little blue spots in the middle.

What edits did you apply to the photo?

J12A2532_16F.tif.out.pp3 (14.4 KB)

I fear I wasn’t exact enough, so:
On the left side is a screen shot from the image how it is displayed from RT after the processing. I expected, that the exports would look like this.

The color toning tool is pushing colors beyond the standard dynamic range. The float images record the information outside the range, which explains differences between the float and non-float (integer) exports. The preview is supposed to match the float export, but only if there is no processing done when you open the float image in RawThereapee. To view the float image without any processing, you can apply the neutral profile and deactivate “Clip out-of-gamut colors” in the Exposure tool. The integer export should also match, but for some reason, I see differences if I have a display profile set. If I choose “None”, the colors are exactly the same. It could be because of very small differences which are exaggerated by the display profile.

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