Different mode preview for GIMP - some kind of generator?

Currently I’m playing with GIMP 2.10.30, G’MIC 3.0.2 and my images, looking for creative effects. Of course I’m working with layers.

And here is my question: is it possible to “autogenerate” the set of all layer modes with selected layers to preview the effects?

I’ll explaing it on the example. Let’s say I have two layers - top is copy of bottom (background). I play with some G’MIC filters on top layer and then try to find best setting, according to my vision. So I set up top layer opacity as 75% and begin to scroll through top layer modes: Normal, Dissolve and so on, until the end. Then I see that some combination gives nice effect so I have to remember which one it is. Then I scroll down and up through modes and find next good set. But now I want to compare the sets so I have to find earlier setting. Then change to the latter one… and so on. It’s quite time consuming, isn’t it?

Of course I can duplicate the image with all the layers and set different modes in the duplicates or add new layers and set them different. But maybe there is some hidden plugin or batch command to make individual images with different settings to compare them like on the lightable?

If not, it would be great to have it :slight_smile:

Hello, have a look here for some examples of batch processing in Gimp.

Otherwise, if you can find the equivalent commands in gmic, then it’s probably much easier to script.

In the meantime I found G’MIC feature, ideally explaining what I’m trying to achive: https://discuss.pixls.us/t/gmic-color-presets/13731- the collage of all the effects in chosen set, with thumbnails. Does Gimp have something similar?