difficult photo

I have a raw photo (CR3 which is difficult to develop in darktable; here is the jpg

[EDIT: the CR3 raw (converted to dng) is in the 3rd message]

The horse is OK, but what is interesting to me are the workers, and I want to get the inside more visible.

Working on the whole scene I cannot get anything good.

How can I work on it?

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If you are willing to share the RAW (possibly the DNG created from that CR3) I’m sure that people will post their edits. The posted sidecars are probably the best way to learn. Some people might even tell a bit more in their reply about what they did.

When/if you do share, make sure to move the category to PlayRaw instead of the Software section that this topic is posted in.

share the RAW (possibly the DNG created from that CR3)

here it is, converted with dnglab:

Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28.dng (24.2 MB)

These are some crazy highlights.

I would hire some actors to recreate the photo with better light condition. (sorry :sweat: :man_shrugging:)

This is as far as I can get in 10 min.

DT 3.7

Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28.dng.xmp (18.1 KB)

I gave ART a try too, which I am pretty new to. But I already think it handles highlights pretty good and so much easier than DT. I also like the whole outcome more.

Edit: Added a little more contrast.

Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.jpg.out.arp (11.1 KB)

My quick stab…xmp in jpg

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Since the highlight is not so interesting, I let it blow out.

Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28.dng.xmp (10.1 KB)



A proposal, from last darktable master:

Sky is quite hard to deal with…

And the xmp:
Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28.dng.xmp (10.8 KB)

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Done very quickly in GIMP, using only luminosity mask plug-in.

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Thanks for posting this play
darktable 3.6.1

Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28.dng.xmp (10.0 KB)

Forgot that

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trabajos.garage.pp3 (20.0 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development


Thank you to all of you, before all because you all gave me the hope that something beautiful was possible. I appreciated @baongoc124 's work, which I took as a base for my result in darktable 3.6:

Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28.dng.xmp (31.3 KB)

I like applying the perspective module and cropping independently of original ratio.

Good results those of @apostel338, @gaaned92, @Nilvus (great sky!), @Jade_NL.

RT dev. Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28.dng.pp3 (27.1 KB)

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Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28.dng.pp3 (15.8 KB)

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Lol, this is what DxO Photolab shows me for opening the DNG:

Almost feels like it’s a fisheye lens?

DT 3.7.0+1332

Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28_dxo.dng.xmp (17.3 KB)

Filmic handled most of the highlights well, except the few where the sensor seems to be clipped (in my DxO-dng version). Just letting them be white helped… but these are only small spots in the sky in the corner and the light hitting the cart next to the chair.

Maybe filmic’s recovery could’ve helped here, but I was happy with this.

Letting the inside of the house ‘be more bright’ was a case of using tone equalizer and boosting the values that matched the inside of the house. But I had to push it quite a bit, and I think there is a bit too much halo-ing for my taste.

I looked up the camera because I was getting curious, but it’s a 1" sensor compact? Knowing that, wow. It’s sharp and shows quite some dynamic range for a smaller sensor.

Trabajos garage 2021-09-22–10.24.28_dxo.dng (56.1 MB)

24 mm equiv. You must use the Lens correction module

What is DxO getting you that a FOSS processor isn’t in this case?