Difficulties understangind RawTherapee histogram


(Bruno Schmidt Marques) #1

I’ve already read the rawpedia trying to understand the differences between this two modes, but I don’t know exactly what’s happening. I know that when button is not pressed the histogram is more “sensible”, indicating clip when only one channel is clipping (ex.: red), but when pressed (enabled), colors are less likely to clip. The Rawpedia has some issues too, like missing options in configurations, so I guess is out of date. My question is, what’s going on with this button indicated in this image? What’s exactly is it doing? I’m not using a monitor ICC profile, just RT_sRGB for color rendering. Thank you!

(Bruno Schmidt Marques) #2

Button enabled

Button not enabled

Nothing were changed between these two images, except the histogram button pressed. The editing is the same.


Hi Bruno,

Let the mouse pointer hover over the button and
a help text will appear:

If button is ON, the working profile is used to render the histogram.
If button is OFF, the (gamma corrected) output profile is used instead.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Bruno Schmidt Marques) #4

Yes, I know,. it’s on my first post. However, I don’t know what does it mean, because I’m not using ICC or working profile (as far as I know, I’ve never changed any of this settings). To be even clearer, I’m not sure what’s working profile, but I’m almost sure that output profile is sRGB. I’ve tried, but I wasn’t able to find this answer on Rawpedia, so I hope someone here can explain it to me.

(Ingo Weyrich) #5

The working profile is the profile used for internal rgb computations. You can set it here: