Difficulty configuring favorites in preferences

I can’t see to do anything on this preferences page - the two ‘windows’ seem to overlap. I hope the screenshot illustrates the problem adequately.

The usual user-error?

OK; got it now: I didn’t realise there is a horizontal scroll bar. In my build that bar is blue and obvious if I mouse over it; without mouse over it is grey and the disappears after a couple of seconds. I didn’t notice any of this while my attention was elsewhere.

There seems to be plenty of ‘room’ on this screen; couldn’t the horizontal scroll have been avoided by making the left window/ ‘Available Tools’ wider ?

Further comment:
Not wishing in any way to make a negative comment on somebody’s work, which I couldn’t possibly match, I have now ‘undone’ my favorites tab because I found it too confusing to find that a tab was no longer where I was expecting it to be (based on ‘learned experience’). In my opinion it would have been helpful to have the option to merely copy the tab to the favourite window, rather than to move it. Once memory has been ‘relearned’ the option could be reset.

Font size seems to be higher than default and the dialogue doesn’t adapt to this. But I think it should, so no user error for me.

That is a gtk thing. Do you know what version of gtk you are using?

Synaptic says it is 3.24.33

The Favorites settings window is fully resizable on Linux (Fedora 39). You can easily make it larger if needed.

The whole window, yes. But the columns Available Tools and Favorites Panel? Not for me, they are fixed.

The column titles “Tool” and “Favorite” do not resize for me. But the columns with tool names and check boxes do resize proportionally to the whole Preferences window. Moreover I cannot make window too small so the text and check boxes become hidden.

Same on Mint 21

Not on my build: Version: 5.10-65-g3672e0f34, running under Mint 21.3

Yes, but that risks making it too wide for certain font/language/DPI combinations. GTK is a bit difficult to work with and I do not see a better option other than making the width fully manual (which it is in the current development version).

Do you mean “tool” instead of “tab”? The tabs don’t move, and what you call the “favorite window” is called the “favorites tab/panel”. If so, have look in preferences again, below what is shown in your screenshot. :wink:

Is that on a hi-dpi type of monitor? There was an update to dev in that regard yesterday.

Mine is 5.10-147-ga5df36c56 under Fedora 39.

The Favorite tab has been fixed with yesterday hi-dpi commit: it now automatically resizes to fill all the window:


It never ceases to amaze me: there it is, in black and white, and I don’t see it. Something deeply psychological about me and modern GUIs.

And thanks for the pointer.