digikam 6.4.0 will support darktable, RawTherapee and UFRaw as external raw processors.

Stay tuned!






Promising! I’ve tried to compile the code a couple days ago (on Manjaro XFCE4) but despite having all the current dependencies installed, there was and error at compilation time, with no precise reason why it failed. It’s still version 6.2 in the official repo.

Yeah I think there some issues with 6.4.0 that need to be resolved still. Gilles has mentioned that.

The official appimage is ver.6.3.0 but I have not seen digikam 6.3.0 in KDE Neon repo yet.

Actually it looks like it is 6.3.0 in Neon repo now.

Ah, yes, I always forget about the appimages. Gonna try the 6.3 appimage.

after digikam 6.4 got released I was stunned about RawTherapee integration, because this is the Raw Editor of my choice :slight_smile:
Anyhow, it does not work, I turned the setting to use RawTherapee as a Raw Import Tool but after clicking on Image Editor it stays empty.

I am using RawTherapee as an AppImage on my Ubuntu 19.10 box. I assume that there is an issue with AppImages ?! or should this work.

I also tried to find some documentation how this feature works and what to expect, but found nothing useful.

Perhaps someone can just help out.


Hi everyone!

So I know that an issue was posted concerning digiKam not opening RawTherapee on Ubantu (here, and that a bug was posted about the same issue on Windows here.

I am basically having the same issue: RawTherapee doesn’t open, only the internal editor without an image. My RawTherapee is in the normal path (C:\Program Files\RawTherapee\5.8\rawtherapee.exe). I have seen the Windows bug report and it says STATUS: SOLVED but I’m no programmer, so I have no idea really what the solution was.

I have tried the same thing with Darktable and experience the same problem with both programs.

Any hints from the community? Would be greatly appreciated.


The bug has been fixed in v7.0, not in 6.4.

I see! Thank you, Mica!

The new plugin works great with RawTherapee. Would it additionally be possible to set the -R flag? That would enable the whole RT not only the stripped down version that e.g. ignores automatic applying of custom profiles.

I’ve been using some unexpected time off today to dig further into dK, and I just came across this feature. dK found RawTherapee with no problem. This actually solves some problems I’ve had trying to go back and forth between dK and RT and trying to use both for cataloging. Now, I can just use dK for solely for that purpose, and just use RT for editing.

Here’s a question and possibly a feature request: Is it possible to open up a photo in GIMP from the image editor? Round tripping it like that would be ideal any time some cloning or other selective editing needed to be done. Of course, that would end the non-destructive editing process, but that’s the last part of my workflow anyway.