digikam 6.4.0 will support darktable, RawTherapee and UFRaw as external raw processors.

Stay tuned!






Promising! I’ve tried to compile the code a couple days ago (on Manjaro XFCE4) but despite having all the current dependencies installed, there was and error at compilation time, with no precise reason why it failed. It’s still version 6.2 in the official repo.

Yeah I think there some issues with 6.4.0 that need to be resolved still. Gilles has mentioned that.

The official appimage is ver.6.3.0 but I have not seen digikam 6.3.0 in KDE Neon repo yet.

Actually it looks like it is 6.3.0 in Neon repo now.

Ah, yes, I always forget about the appimages. Gonna try the 6.3 appimage.