Digikam 6.4.0 Windows Install

Ive been using Digikam for about a month or so. Now that 6.4.0 is out, this is the first time I would be installing over 6.3.

When I install 6.4, will this write over 6.3 or does this install a total new version which I then have to delete 6.3?

My experience:
the new installer will detect the older version, asks for an ‘ok’, uninstalls the previous one, and then installs the current version.

Thank you

Is there anything, like settings etc that I need to back up from the older version that I would need for the new version?

You should back up the database before upgrading.

Is this the file I should back up? /.config/digikamrc* file

That is your config file. You need to back up the database as well. You can see in the settings where the db is located.

Yeah backing up the *.db files is always a good idea.