digiKam-7.2.0-x86-64.appimage not all xmp files are written after tagging

After a couple of runs of face tagging it seems not all of the sooc DNG files I tagged have had xmp files created. The tags are there in the digiKam interface but only some dng files have corresponding xmp files. If I tag or adjust the face box xmp files are written. My settings are as follows



Is there a way to “touch” or otherwise trigger digiKam to write xmp files for a selection of images?

I found a solution myself under Tools > Maintenance

It allows a selection of albums in the top panel and you can then check the last item
Sync Metadata and Databaseand set the drop down menu to From database to image metadata

and finally press OK. This writes xmp files next to the raw files when the settings are as per the previous post.

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