digiKam 7.3.0 is released

Dear digiKam fans and users, After four months of maintenance, the digiKam team is proud to present version 7.3.0 of its open source digital photo manager. Here is the list of most important features coming with this release: ExifTool Support The famous ExifTool is now supported officially in parallel than the former Exiv2 shared library to handle file metadata. ExifTool is a powerful tool that we will use in special cases to fix metadata dysfunctions that we cannot solve using Exiv2.
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I use dK extensively for my photo management purposes. Since I have a little time this morning, I’ll download it and take it for a spin. Thanks to the devs for making this all possible.

I have an ongoing problem that I’ve been hoping to solve with dK. I shoot with adapted lenses to my mirrorless camera, and I’d like to be able to edit lens settings. Specifically, aperture value. As you can see from the example below, the data gets reset whenever I try to manually insert it via digiKam. How can I utilize ExifTool from within dK to accomplish this task?


Edit: Also, I thought AnalogExif was supposed to be included as a plugin? GitHub - cgilles/digikam-analogexif: Port AnalogExif tool https://sourceforge.net/projects/analogexif/ to digiKam plugin

Thank you so much! I wish I could see some day improved photo import with KDE Connect, that would be awesome!

The new slideshow is super! So big & bright & impactful. Great for culling pictures or looking at final versions.

Thank you very much for another great Update.
In the mentioned repository I am missing the MacOS binaries, only the .sig files are there.

Mmm… MacOS binaries still not in the repos, AFAICS. Anyone seen them?

Just a heads up that I’ve filed a bug with KDE that has been confirmed.

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“digiKam 7.3.0 source code tarball, Linux 64 bits AppImage bundles, MacOS Intel package, and Windows 64 bits installers can be downloaded from this repository .”

No MacOS package in this repository. Is there a problem with building the package, or did the maintainer just forget to upload it to the repo? (It happens to us all!)

The MacOS package was dropped by error at upload stage. This will be fixed today…

Fixed for next 7.4.0…

AnalogExif : code is ported as new plugin in github. It can be packaged as 3rdparty plugin by Linux packagers if necessary…

Installed now. And brilliant, as always!
Many, many thanks to the devs who continue to give their time to this terrific software.

While I’m sure the new exiftool brings more functionality (Video Tag) and reliability (more fields covered), it does tank on the performance side. So much, that the lag is visible when annotating multiple files. It can take minutes for the annotation requests to complete.

Well, no, Exiftool is not used for this task, it’s Exiv2 shared library…

Thank you!!! Digikam is my first tool to manage and edit my photos in ubuntu. I have donate and I will continue to donate to support you folks! Together we can do a lot! Thanks.


I think there is a bug in the face recognition/face detection and write name tags to metadata in digikam 7.3. I tried this on my photo collection which is synced with google photos and I see that many photos has changed date. I always rename my photo files to date taken e.g. dd.MM.yyyy hh-mm-ss so it is easy to see.
Has anyone else experienced this issue?
I do not know how to troubleshoot since only a few out of several thousand photos has this issue.

Hello, thanks.

Digikam can use OpenCL.

How do we know if Digikam uses OpenCL when we enable it?