digiKam and midgrey reference.

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HI, I just started to use the digicam, and I like it a lot. I wonder if there is an easy way ( color picker) to adjust the temperature to 18% grey cards on my photos?

thanks in advance! edit metadata and adjust colors is about the first thing I do with my batches. I also use darktable but I can’t find a metadata editor, so i swittched to digicam.


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darktable does have a metadata editor but might not be what you want. If you aren’t afraid of using command line, try using ExifTool or Exiv2.

Read the digiKam manual on white balance here: https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/extragear-graphics/digikam/photographic-editing.html#editor-color-wb.

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You can try the White Balance tool (go to Colors - White Balance or press Ctrl-Shift-W)

(David Beeheim) #4

yes i tried but there is no way to select area for spot balance.

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thanks i am not afraid of sudo nano and such, but is a bit inconvenient because i have to look at the photo to adjust manual lens focus using my short lasting memory, so right now i load the batch in digicam edit exif and then i continue work in darkroom usually start with spot color balance and exposure fix

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really appreciated. I guess I have to upgrade to the latest version. mine, it doesn’t have a picker

installed flatpak and the remote depository of nightly 6.0 but says that current location of my files is not available. ill figure out, it looks promising. thank you!

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The latest version is 5.9.0, I’d go with that.

(Mica) #9

You might be sandboxed out of the local filesystem. Also the flatpak has its own settings files in ~/.var/app

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installed appimage of 5.9, but the problem persists, digikam does not show a picker, I see a water drop instead of the picker, and the afterpart balance is off

(David Beeheim) #11

i have no idea what could cause this, looks like thumbnail database issue. i can not find any info on how to fix it, but 5.9 looks fine so is ok, but my interface loooks different, maybe i am missing some libs or run obsolete libs.


Actually mine looks different too. I think it is time to update the screenshot in the manual. I will do that.