Digikam doesn't create new empty databases

Last weekend I’ve replaced my hard drives in my main computer and had to move data from 3 spinning disks to 2 SSDs. I also reorganized my files as things got a bit messy over the years. I also had to move the digikam databases to a new location. I had created backups of all my files and darktable and digikam databases. So far so good.

When starting Digikam I get the warning it can’t find the database and tries to reconnect. I was hoping Digikam would simply start, creating new, empty databases and that I could point to the old databases.

Unfortunately Digikam doesn’t show, but the digikam.exe process is running.

I have tried uninstalling digikam, but the error remains…

I have tried this on a secondary computer. ‘Moving’ the digikam4.db databases to another folder, starting digikam. Digikam starts, creates new empty databases and from the settings I can point it to the old databases without issues.

Both systems run Windows 10. Any idea why Digikam doesn’t create empty databases, doesn’t show and therefore I can’t point to the old databases…?

There’s a config file with the old path to the database, which probably doesn’t exist anymore. It would be indeed nice if digikam popped up the database settings dialog if it can’t find the database where it is supposed to be. Anyway you can fix it in digikams config file. I don’t know where it is on windows for sure, but I assume it’s in the user directory in a subdirectory called LocalAppData (if I remember correctly, might be slightly different). Search for a file with “digikam” in it’s name and then within it for “database” or “db” and remove that entry.

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Ok I got it: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local there is a file called digikamrc in which I found multiple lines referring the old location. Modified that an the problem is fixed :slight_smile:

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