digiKam flatpak is back

Does anyone have a chance to test digiKam flatpak available on KDE Binary factory?


Here is an explanation on how to install it in case you have experience with flatpaks:


Should we install from KDE or from Flathub?

I think they are the same. I would try the KDE one first anyway

The HOWTO page says

We are building release versions of most KDE applications and distributing them on flathub, https://flathub.org. We are also building nightlies of most KDE applications and distributing them at https://distribute.kde.org. This has the master version of the applications, so expect some unstable development quirks; on the bright side, if you find one, you get to tell the developers so they can fix it!

So that seems to say the stable versions are on flathub, and on KDE the version can be unstable, i.e. not for production use

I think you are correct. Thanks for noticing