digiKam for Microsoft Windows!

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digiKam for Microsoft Windows !

"Et voilà..."

This is an important stage for digiKam project. A native port under Microsoft Windows...

Since digiKam code has been ported to Qt4/KDE4, multi-platform support become a reality. We have already a MACOS-X port done by Gustavo Boiko from Mandriva team... Now, Windows port have been completed by Patrick Spendrin from KDE-Windows team

To be able to compile digiKam under Windows, GPhoto2 support is become optional, because libgphoto2 is not yet ported to this operating system. Perhaps in the future, this will change, but for the moment, it's not the case... Of course under Linux and MACOS-X, GPhoto2 support still here.

But nothing is clean yet. digiKam compiles and runs, but more advanced tests need to be done to validate this port. Code will be published with the next 0.10.0-beta5 release, so you must stay tuned in this room...

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