Digikam installed, launched, but no display.

Greetings. I hope someone can help me here.

I’ve installed Digikam 7.4 on my new Dell XPS laptop. Initially, it worked and loaded just fine. Now when I launch the application, it is nowhere to be found except in my task manager stating a very high power usage and about 10%+/- on CPU. Something’s going on.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the application twice now but to no avail. This is very irritating as I very much want to use Digikam for assets management et el. Has anybody else ever experienced this phenomenon? More importantly, why does this happen, and is there a resolution to the problem? Perhaps a bug in v7.4?

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Digikam might be busy updating its databases, checking for new items in the directory tree. That can be very time consuming, and requires a lot of disk accesses when there are many new or changed items in the tree.

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try launching it from a shell ad see what output it give. that might give a clue as what it is doing, or not doing as the case may be…post the output here, or a link to where we can view it.

I think the time consumption was the issue. Eventually (eventually…!) the program loads. Probably because of the multiple collections I specified in settings, total # of items comes out to 1/2 million items. Thanks for the heads up thought.

Good :smiley: Normally, that should end the slow startups, until the next time you add a collection.

Depending on your workflow, you could disable the check for new items at startup. But that also means that any synchronisation with external programs will have to be done manually
(example from my workflow: import and tagging in digikam, edits and rating in darktable. For digikam, I either get snappy startup with manual update for the ratings, or slower startup with automatic update)