Digikam MariaDb Setup Help Needed on Linux

Hi everyone,

I hoping someone can help me here as its driving me crazy.
I’m running an ubuntu based system, and recently I decided to move to a mariaDB setup on my digikam installation.

For the life of me I cannot get the MySQL Internal server to setup.

Does anyone have a step by step guide to getting mySQL working on linux?

Much appreciated…

A guide for both the internal setup and external db would be appreciated…

regarding the external setup (I never used the internal), I just followed the instructions given on the db settings page in the digiKam options dialogue.
I found that you need to take care how you set the rights for thw digikam user in mariadb, since depending on how you access the db instance you may need to include a partial ip address after the @ (e.g. digikam@192.168.100.___) when setting up the user in the database. Otherwise mariadb gives an error regarding wrong user / password or alike.
Does this already help you? I currently have no access to my installation, sorry.

Hey Macchiato,

This helps thanks, ill take another shot at it tonight. Thank again.