Digikam movies - show thumbnails, and open movies

Hello, in digikam all of my movies (.mov) files are not visible in digikam. They:

  1. Have no thumbnail
  2. When I try to open nothing happens

Is there a codec or plugin I need to open these files?

I can of course do an Open with, but that seems a bit annoying. I’d like to just double click to play the movie.


What OS and what dk version?

ZorinOS (Ubuntu 18.04)
Digikam 7.1.0

you can try:

sudo apt install libdvdnav4 libdvd-pkg gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly libdvd-pkg
sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

If you’ve installed from the Ubuntu repo. If you’re using the AppImage or flatpak, you’ll need to report it to the mailing list.


I tried that (both lines), it didn’t work either.

I have snap version installed. I guess I should report to mailing list anyway? I haven’t had good luck with the KDE forums, nobody every responds to me there on any topic.

No, you need to report it to the snap maintainer.

How do I find that out?

Thanks, still learning how to deal with all these methods of getting apps. Too many rabit holes.

Indeed this is true.

I will try the appimage directly from the digikam website (it is available as 7.1.0 stable, same version as my snap)

Question: If I uninstall the snap, then install the appimage, are my digikam application settings transferable to the appimage installation?

ie are the application setting stored in the library, or somewhere else so that I may transfer them?

Thank you

So I got as far as:

  • uninstalling the snap
  • downloading and trying to install the appimage.

However, when I do that I get the startup install wizard of digikam, which asks for the location of my images, and location to put the sqllite library.

Is there a method of skipping that process or choosing an existing library? Seems like an oversight in the digikam install interface to not allow someone to choose an existing library, and other settings?

Well I think I figured out that if you set the path to your image folde, and path to the library to be exactly the same, it loads both correctly.

However, what does NOT get loaded is the user configuration for digikam. I guess when the snap got blown away that got lost or something.

The snap package keeps its settings in its own place, I think ~/snap/ you can move the settings and it should be fine.