Digikam rating to RawTherapee via xmp not working


My systems is as follows:
Kubuntu 19.10
RawTherapee 5.7 appimage
Digikam 5.9.0 from the Ubuntu repo

I understand RawTherapee 5.7 introduces a feature to read the image’s rating from an associated .xmp file. This would make it simple to use Digikam to quickly rate images, and then switch to RawTherapee to filter on those ratings and start processing. However I simply cannot get this to work.

Steps to reproduce are:

N.B. I have Digikam set to write sidecar files.

  • I have a folder of Olympus RAW files in .ORF format.
  • Open Digikam and point it at that folder
  • Select an image and set its rating as 5 stars
  • Check that the .xmp file has been created by Digikam with the same filename as the associated RAW file. Open that file in an editor and see the rating has been set ( xmp:Rating=“5”)
  • Move to RawTherapee and point that at the same photo folder.
  • Locate the image I rated in Digikam. However the image is still unrated.

I’m struggling to find any documentation on this feature so any help in making this work would be much appreciated.


Not XMP files, but XMP metadata embedded in the image.

Thanks Morgan - that would explain it. Now I just need to figure out how to get Digikam to save the ratings into my .orf files.

I think they turned off the ability to write metadata into raw files. It will write into xmp sidecars instead but I am not sure if RawTherapee will read them. If you have coding skills you might want to check the new digikam plugin interface. Maybe it will be possible to write a plugin for digikam to copy info into .pp3 files


I think you can use exiv2 command line tool to write content of an xmp file in raw file. I don’t know all details about it but it seems I read things about it in exiv2 man page.

Or it could be possible to make a small script to copy rating from .xmp file in .pp3 file.

If at all then with great care - editing raw files can break them.

I asked it in the Digikam section too, how is your workflow with selection of best pictures in Dk and filtering for development in RT? Rating is working for jpg but not for raw files. (I will not write anything into the raw files)