digiKam Recipes 18-01-25 released

Tue Jan 30, 2018

digiKam Recipes 18-01-25 released

Dmitri Popov

After a somewhat prolonged hiatus (my move from Denmark to Germany and full-time job at SUSE Linux GmbH had something to do with this), a new revision of the digiKam Recipes book is ready for your reading pleasure. Continue reading

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Hi Dmitri, thank you for all this fantastic work. I would like to reinstall an older version of DigiKam i.e. an previous version I downloaded in ~ March 2019. In this version it was still possible to use SQLite… I cannot find where I could find it?

Do you know where I could find it?

Thank you in advance.

It should still be possible to use SQLite! Perhaps you need to remove other DB setups from your digikamrc file?

There’s even a dedicated tool to switch databases (already since a few versions), so if you’re on mysql/mariadb now, you can switch back using that.

Thank you both for the replies!

Actually the last 2 releases could not be installed properly on the laptop (windows 10 64bits) hence I thought it was due to a missing external database…

However, installation of the March 2019 release was all fine. I set up the SQLite as I have only hundredths of camera trap pics to sort out. All good… but I am still wondering why I couldn’t install the most recent versions despite all external SQLs uninstalled before launching the install…