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Hello everyone, new member here :fish_cake:

I wonder if there’s a way to asign a shortcut for digiKam to open the selected file(s) in Gimp?

Thank you.



As you might know, you may open a picture in Gimp, from within digiKam, just by right-clicking on the picture and choosing Gimp in the “open with” submenu.

Now, maybe you’re looking for a keyboard shortcut? Probably possible (I haven’t checked) in the configure keyboard shortcuts panel.



As far as I know, this also depends on the operating system. I believe that the “open with” feature still has to be written for Windows. (An perhaps for Mac?)


Thank you mlaverdiere, Jacal. I’ve been looking for a way and still haven’t found it. Right clicking only shows me “Open” which opens the image with the Digikam editor, there’s no Open With on my Windows version.

And on the “Configure Shorcuts” menu, I cannot find a way to add my own applications, only found a default shortcut to “Open with default Application” which I have it set up to a fast image viewer on my system.

But not a way to assign it to an external editor like Gimp. Maybe in the Linux version it’s possible but so far on Windows I don’t see it.

Maybe is there somewhere, or it should be, it’s a must have feature for a program like Digikam.


I agree, it is a must have, it just has not been done for Windows yet. “Open with” is working on Linux well, but can’t be ported to Windows, as it is, needs to be written from scratch, I believe. This is a cross-platform open source tool, needing some time and programming for all the features to be available on Windows and Mac.

So welcome, and keep an eye on the progress. And all the other fine things here.

Edit: It is advisable to include your operating system, and it’s version, and the version of the program, you are using, to get more useful answers. Be well!


Yes, thank you:) I will keep an eye on the progress of Digikam. Hopefully they will implement that and other needed features soon. In the meantime I will use FastStone viewer as my main viewer/adminitrator software which is also very good and has various edition and UI features I wish Digikam will implement soon. It’s not open source and doesn’t handle very large collections that well (gets a bit slow) but it’s really good.

I’m runing Digikam 6.9.0 in a Windows 7/64 bits Machine.

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Here’s a workaround, given it’s still not implemented.


Batch Queue Manager implements custom shell scripts as tools.

Problem with it is that it doesn’t seem to understand Windows scripts.

You can get around this by simply making a Window script “wrapper” that opens file(s) in GIMP, and use that as the command in the digiKam script editor.

Another “get around” is that you probably should make the Windows script visible to the shell, i.e. the directory holding the script should be in your %PATH% environment variable, in order to avoid path delimiter interpretation issues.


  1. Choose a directory that holds your own Winodws scripts, such as batch files, PowerShell scripts, or other.

  2. Make a script that opens files in GIMP, and save it in that directory.

for example
“C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.8.exe” %1

2.1 Add the directory of the above script to the %PATH% variable,
by going to Control Panel/User Accounts, Change Enviroment Variables, and add the path to the %PATH% variable, e.g.

  1. In the Batch Queue Editor, create a new Queue and/or Workflow, and put a “User Shell Script” in the tool list (it should be the only one there)

  2. Type in the script editor
    name-of-your-script $INPUT

  3. Save the Workflow, calling it something like OpenWithGIMP.

Note the absence of the quotes in the Batch Queue Manager script, and also in the Windows (batch) script where %1 is specified. No quotes means they are handled properly. (You will probably need the quotes around the GIMP executable path)



Digikam relies on KIO for the ‘open with’ function which only works on KDE Plasma at the moment.
I do use digikam on my Windows machine. I process raw files with darktable so I set darktable as the default raw processor in my system and then I press Meta + F4 in digikam in order to open the raw file in darktable. The same should work for GIMP. If you edit JPEGs you can set the default Windows photo app as default for JPG and then you can re-open it in GIMP after that. I also use the drap and drop method a lot. You can drag files from digikam’s thumbnails view and drop them in either darktable or gimp.
I think eventually digikam will get a better ‘open with’ functionality but I have no idea when. Developers work very hard to keep improving digikam (try to compare digikam 4.12 and digikam 6 beta?) but there might be more important tasks for them to work on at the moment.

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OSX - If you set .jpg to open in GIMP in your defaults, it will open all selected images in GIMP by using Open with default applications." but you wouldn’t be able to open in fast image by default