digikam - workflow for uploading photos to commons.wikimedia.org

I downloaded digikam 6.3.0 and found it has export to mediawiki plugin enabled, after many years.

When uploading photos to commons.mediawiki.org using that export plugin, I can select photos, give each photo a title, description and upload easily.

Now, I want to give the title and description, when viewing the photos itself.

I want the below workflow.

  1. import photos
  2. add a tag (wiki) to the desired photos. (this is done)
  3. Add title, description to the photos while reviewing, (along with adding tag)
  4. Once done with reviewing, select the “wiki” tagged photos and upload to commons via the export plugin.
  5. once the export is done, change tag to “uploaded” so that the uploaded photos wont be shown on next batch upload.

Need help on 3 & 5

  1. where to give the title, description for the photos while reviewing the photos?
  2. how to change the tags in bulk?


Title and description are in one of the tabs in the right panel.

Tags tree is in the right panel too (different tab though).
You can select multiple images and add/remove tags there