DigiKan 8.3, issue with Mysql Internal

Hi, I have been using digikam for years on Macs, today iMac intel core i7, macOS Sonoma 14.2. I have been using the regularly builds for 8.3.

With the update of 8.3.0-20221212 I got the msg that could not get to the database (Mysql Internal). I remember having a similar issue some time ago and the work around was to start with SQLite and then move to Mysql internal.

Did that after a clean install but when trying to convert the database to Mysql internal mariadb, as well as the other 3 files needed, were not found automatically and when trying to find browsing I could not get to it. Could not go into /Applications/digikam.org/digikan where I think they are.

Is something I got wrong or forgot how to do it, or is an issue with the latest build?
Suggestions to try to make it work are welcome

Hello, not a Mac user here, but on Linux I made a directory called .digikam in my home folder and told DK to store the databases there (on a ssd, as recommended).

I suggest to do a search for digikam4.db on your file system to find the location.

I will follow your suggestion and see if it helps with the issue, thank you!