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I look for a software (over gnu/linux) for digital trigger especially for canon SX510HS or physical circuit to control the camera to distance

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Not sure if your camera is supported, but there is Entangle:

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gphoto2 --capture-image
*** Error ***              
Sorry, your camera does not support generic capture
ERROR: Could not capture image.
ERROR: Could not capture.
*** Error (-6: «Unsupported operation») ***      

I did not find any in

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I search this. But no if it is very safe


Since it has wifi, there is likely an iOS/Android app to control it from your smartphone.

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If I can do this, sure from gnu/linux also.

I install the CHDK but todavia can not capture of remote way. Or I do not find it still. I can is to use DNG, and has a lot of but options.

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With the CHDK can use USB like remote control plugging and unplugging the camera :smiley:

They would have to put CHDK in the list of software


I love these. A real Droste. The Panasonic android apk. Using wireless remote connection. Taking a photograph of itself.

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I did it over GNU/Linux :smiley: CHDK + chdkptp